The Process

Sending Emails, either newsletters, or mailshots, has never been easier.

When you would like to send a new campaign, or are thinking of sending a regular newsletter. The first thing you will need to do is give us a call, on the number above.

We can discuss who you would like to target, the message you are trying to put across, the look and feel of either the template or thee newsletter.

We will then get to work creating the mail shot for you. There is of course an approval process, and you can either approve, or redress any indifferences in our proposal to you.

Once supplied to you, you may either (depending on your competency and familiarity with simple internet software), access the E-Shotz mailing system with a login and password supplied by us. Or alternatively, leave the template and campaign in our hands.


Once you have your template and your subsribers' lists, you may feel free to send your mails, we can either help you with this at our end, or you may simply follow the steps in the system to completion, and send your emails. You can either send them 'now' at the time of setting up the campaign - or you can send them 'in the future' (why not schedule delivery in advance, so that delivery occurs maybe in downtime or when your targeted recipient actually has some time to read the email?


Once the emails have left the account and been 'sent', you may monitor their progress by either clicking on a link that shows you 'live' deliveries.

You may see who clicked on what link, where they went and what content they found interesting (in the email). Of course any of this could link to conteent on your main website andd attract and draw visitors to it.

For more information, and to set up your firsst newsletter or campaign (and indeed get a login to the powerful E-Shotz system) please give us a call on the number above.. Or fill in our contact form


Email Templates

Email Templates are typically written in HTML. We can design or translate your thoughts into an email template - allowing you to just fill in the main message content. Ideal for newsletters.


Bespoke Email Design

It's not just Templates, E-Shotz can offer full bespoke emails. These emails render well in all email clients and offer a great way to keep your businesss in the minds of your customers - increasing brand awareness.

Email Marketing Advice

We are available locally to visit and support our clients. Email Marketing isn't difficult, but you need firm marketing no how to ensure you are selecting the right audience, hitting them at the right time - and offering them the correct information.

Email Data

E-Shotz works with the leading data house in the country and can provide Email Data from a reputable source.

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