Pay per campaign

As with most things, One Size or Price rarely suits all. E-Shotz can provide templates or complete email designs for you from as little as £300.

Once you have your template, you will need to send the emails. Our software is charged on the following basis:

£10 per campaign, + 2 pence for every email that you send.

Of course, within this charge, we will advise as appropriate to ensure the smooth sending and maximum return on investment for your business.

Sending each month or sending More..?

If you are sending to more than 500 recipients every month, or if you are sending each and every month, then our Monthly payment plan will offer huge savings on the pricing above. Please get in touch with us on the phone number above, or contact us here for more information.

Need something a little more?

E-Shotz have many years experience in Web Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, HTML, JAVA, Flash, PHP, whatever! If we don't have someone capable in house, we very often have a trade partner that will be able to fulfill your needs and advise as appropriate. All of our business communicaation services can be taylor made and suited to your requirements. Often local meetings are possible.



Email Templates

Email Templates aare typically written in HTML. We can design or translate your thoughts into an email template - allowing you to just fill in the main message content. Ideal for newsletters.


Bespoke Email Design

It's not just Templates, E-Shotz can offer full bespoke emails. These emails render well in all email clients and offer a great way to keep your businesss in the minds of your customers - increasing brand awareness.

Email Marketing Advice

We are available locally to visit and support our clients. Email Marketing isn't difficult, but you need firm marketing no how to ensure you are selecting the right audience, hitting them at the right time - and offering them the correct information.

Email Data

E-Shotz works with the leading data house in the country and can provide Email Data from a reputable source.

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